WHEREAS, the third Moldovan-American Convention took place on January 15, 2016, at the United Nations in New York, NY, with over 100 attendees, representing Moldovan communities from seventeen States of the Union, two provinces of Canada, the Republic of Moldova, and of the United Kingdom.


TAKING INTO ACCOUNT, the messages launched during the first plenary session “Effective Institutions, Growth-based Economy, and Responsible Citizenship” and delivered by Maia Sandu, Stela Mocan, Dorin Parasca, Vadim Brinzan, Anatol Vizitiu, Violeta Sacara, Mark Meyer, and Alla Rosca;


TAKING FURTHER INTO ACCOUNT the messages launched during the second plenary session “The Homeland and the Diaspora. How to do better?” and delivered by Elena Dragalin, Argentina Parasca, Irina Basarabeanu,Veaceslav Cretu, and Victor Vintu;


CONSIDERING, that the well being of the general population of Moldova is in dire need of improving;


UNDERSTANDING, that pervasive governmental kleptocracy and widespread corruption continue to erode Moldova’s democratic values;




1.     Conduct a demographic survey to estimate the size of the Moldovan Diaspora in the U.S. and Canada.

2.     Increase networking efforts among the members of the Moldovan Diaspora.

3.     Launch a fundraising campaign to provide humanitarian and logistic assistance to projects that promote true democratic values within the Republic of Moldova.

4.     Build new frameworks that can expand the scope of charitable projects in Moldova.


So resolved and reduced to writing by the organizing committee on January 19, 2016 by:


Elena Dragalin

Evghenia Berzan

Ludmila Botnaru

Dorin Parasca

Sergiu Gherman