About the Moldovan-American Convention

The main goal of the Moldovan-American Convention is to build a strong and united community that is capable of improving the lives of Moldovans in North America and help people in Moldova at the same time. The Convention is a platform to bring together the brightest minds and most enthusiastic hearts of Moldovan diaspora in North America.


  • The first Moldovan-American Convention (MAC1)  was held in Washington D.C. in 2014 at the initiative of the Moldovan Embassy. Moldovan communities from nine US states were represented and dignitaries from Moldova and the U.S. Government were among the speakers. Its main focus was on the political scene, and changes and transformations that Moldova was facing... The feedback from Moldovan diaspora leaders and other participants prompted the decision to make the Convention an annual event and give the community the leading role in organizing it. 
  • The second Moldovan-American Convention (MAC2) was held in Chicago, IL in 2015. It focused on consolidation of Moldovan diaspora in North America and its engagement in providing assistance to the Republic of Moldova in its strive for democracy and economic development. 
  • The third Moldovan-American Convention (MAC3) entitled "The Ongoing Challenges Facing The Republic of Moldova on its path to political and economic stability"  (New or Restored Democracies - the Case of the Republic of Moldova)" took place in New York, NY on Friday, January 15, 2016 at the United Nations. 

The annual Conventions are hosted in different cities of North America and each of them focus on several themes that are relevant to the ever changing needs of the community and developments in the Republic of Moldova. Hosting the Convention is a big responsibility for the chosen local community, since its organization greatly relies on the local support and involvement. 

Moldovan Diaspora in North America has an enormous potential: there are scientists, professors, and researchers that could help bring the education system in Moldova to the level of most developed countries. There are doctors and specialists working in the pharmaceutical industry that could help modernize Moldovan health system. There are potential investors eager to help create a healthy business environment. There are young people that gained the experience, and are ready to return to Moldova, providing the security of a legislative state and relevant conditions for their work.

We all have our own ideas how Moldovan diaspora in North America can support Moldova, and most of us are already actively involved in it. Now we want to share the ideas and come up with collective resolutions and plans in hopes to have a bigger impact on political, social, and economical spheres in Moldova. Our Diaspora is young, and we needed time to get on our feet. But now we are ready. And the country needs us more than ever.