The Third Annual Moldovan-American Convention (MAC3) entitled "THE ONGOING CHALLENGES FACING THE REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA ON ITS PATH TO POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC STABILITY (New or Restored Democracies - the Case of the Republic of Moldova)"took place on January 15, 2016 at the United Nations in New York, NY. Over 120 participants came from 17 states in the US, two provinces in Canada, Republic of Moldova, and the United Kingdom.


The plenary session Effective Institutions, Growth-based Economy, and Responsible Citizenship” had the former Minister of Education of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, as the keynote speaker. The session was moderated by Stela Mocan, Governance and Information Technologies Professional (Washington DC). Panelists: Dorin Parasca (Chicago, IL), Vadim Brinzan (Boca Raton, FL), Anatol Vizitiu (New York, NY), Violeta Sacara (New York, NY), Mark Meyer (New York, NY), and Alla Rosca (New Orleans, LA).


The second plenary session, “The Homeland and the Diaspora. How to do better?” was moderated by Elena Dragalin (Philadelphia, PA). Panelists: Argentina Parasca (Chicago, IL), Irina Basarabeanu (Boston, MA), Veaceslav Cretu (Atlanta, GA), and Victor Vintu (New York, NY).

The third edition of the Convention was entirely funded by contributions from the Moldovan diaspora. It was not affiliated with nor was it funded by the Moldovan or the United States governments.


Organizing Committee of the 3rd Moldovan-American Convention: 

Elena Dragalin, Philadelphia, PA
Evghenia Berzan, New York, NY
Ludmila Botnaru, New York, NY
Sergiu Gherman, Miami, FL
Dorin Parasca, Chicago, IL